Friends of Broome Camels

Help Sponsor our Camels during Covid-19, Who does not know Broome’s camels? They are an icon of our town and Broome sunsets will not be the same without the camels this year.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions there likely will be no camel tours this season. That is sad for us and difficult for the camels and their owners. The camels need exercise and enjoy working as much as you like going to school, exercising outdoors or having an outing. The camel owners will have a hard time not having an income from the tourist season to get through the ‘off season’. 30 camels cost a lot to feed and boy can they eat!

We thought that whilst we are all at home, or in our yard, we may as well get to know each other a little better and make the best of it. On our facebook page we will regularly post some news and fun facts on camels, and especially about the Broome Camel Safari herd. This way you can learn about the camels and their lives. We know that when you see camels more often, they become a lot easier to tell apart.

Friends of Broome Camels

This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions about camels in general or about a particular one. You may know things about camels that you would like to share with other camel lovers. Creative parents and/or teachers could create  homeschooling lesson around the camels, incorporating maths (calculating their feed and ages) or geography lessons ( where Australian camels  originated from ). There is much to learn about camels and it is all fun to know!

You can sponsor one or more camels and support this local business to care for and help feed the herd of quirky characters.

As a thank you we will give you discounted prices once our tours are up and running again.

If in the future you want to meet the camels up close and personal, we look forward to seeing you on the beach.

Thank you for being involved!

Friends of Broome Camels

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